The Audit and Risk Committee is chaired by Mr Baizini and its other members are Ms Coignard, Mr Oliveira and Mr Flores.

The Audit and Risk Committee will meet not less than three times a year and has responsibility for, among other things, monitoring the integrity of the Group’s financial statements and reviewing its annual and interim financial statements. It will oversee the Group’s relationship with its external auditors and review the effectiveness of the external audit process. The committee will give due consideration to applicable laws and regulations, the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code and the requirements of the Listing Rules. It will also have responsibility for reviewing the effectiveness of the Group’s system of internal controls and risk management systems. The ultimate responsibility for reviewing and approving the interim and annual financial statements remains with the Board.

The Nomination Committee is chaired by Ian Cockerill and its other members are Mr Oliveira and Mr Baizini

The committee meets not less than twice a year and is responsible for making recommendations on the composition of the Board and its committees. It ensures a balance of skills, knowledge, independence, experience and diversity and promotes healthy corporate culture. Regularly reviewing leadership needs and priorities, the Nomination Committee ensures the Group can continue to compete effectively in the marketplace. It also leads evaluation of the Board and non-executive Directors.

The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Ms Coignard and its other members are Mr Baizini, Mr Oliveira, Ms Boninelli and Ms Kerr.

The Remuneration Committee meets not less than twice a year and determines the framework and broad policy for the remuneration of the Chairman, Group Chief Executive, and any other members of the executive management team. The Remuneration Committee works to ensure that Directors and senior managers are fairly rewarded for responsibilities they successfully undertake and ensures pay levels and bonuses are in line with our overall performance.

The Safety and Sustainability Committee is chaired by Ms Kerr and its other members are Mr Duvieusart, Mr Nesis and Ian Cockerill.

The Safety and Sustainability Committee meets not less than twice a year and provides support to the Board by monitoring the Group’s safety record, sustainability performance and ethical conduct. The Committee oversees the Company’s overall approach to sustainability, developing and implementing short and long-term policies and standards; it ensures that the Company consistently exhibits and promotes ethical, transparent and responsible behaviour, and engages key stakeholders and communities. To address safety, which is the significant area of concern, the Committee has been working hard to implement major improvements in the risk management procedures to achieve our goal of zero fatalities. The Committee measures the impact of the Company’s initiatives, and helps the Audit and Risk Committee to identify, manage and mitigate sustainability risks.